Welcome to tibits Sunday brunch

On Sundays, a nice brunch and a good paper are the perfect combination. If you’re in the mood for good food and a leisurely read, join us for a tibits vegetarian Sunday brunch. A wide selection of fresh and homemade treats awaits. We have homemade Bircher muesli and lots of other popular breakfast classics to tempt you: organic scrambled eggs, French toast with fruit compote, pancakes with maple syrup and golden brown rösti. To accompany our organic plaited loaf, nut bread and croissants, we have fine jams, honey, cheeses, sliced tofu, fresh fruit and much more.


  • tibits Basel, 9 bis 14.30 Uhr
  • tibits Seefeld Bistro, 10 bis 14.30 Uhr
  • tibits Winterthur, 9 bis 14.30 Uhr
  • tibits Bern Gurtengasse, 9 bis 14.30 Uhr
  • tibits Luzern, 8 bis 14.30 Uhr
  • tibits Oerlikon, 9 bis 14.30 Uhr
  • tibits St. Gallen, 9 bis 14.30 Uhr