Our philosophy

Our philosophy

We stand by all of our ingredients and cooking methods.

We use organic, seasonal and local ingredients where possible. We source them personally with an obsessive attention to detail. And it pays off when we find suppliers that feel the same way about fresh, healthy food.

Our food boat is a thing of beauty. Everything is freshly made, several times a day. Flavourful, energy packed dishes and nutritional, healthy balanced meals.

We want to serve the very best food possible with an eye to great taste, great nutrition and great value. So talk to us. Tell us what you like. Better still, tell us what you don't.


  • We use these symbols to guide you on our food boat:
  • L lacto = with dairy products
  • O ovo = with eggs
  • G containing gluten
    (products with no "G" could still contain traces of gluten)
  • N with nuts
  • S with soy
  • vegan (fully plant-based)
  • $ great for kids
  • ° hot!
  • § with celery
  • £ with onions
  • £ with garlic
  • with sugar
    (with >1% added sugar)
  • Zero Waste
    less waste - great taste